What to Look for in a Male Prenatal Vitamin

What goes into our men’s prenatal?

So, what goes into making our Prenatal for him, and can it improve your chances of pregnancy? Let’s take a look at the research behind our ingredients.

  • Selenium: Daily selenium supplementation in conjunction with vitamin E supplementation has been shown to improve sperm concentration, sperm motility, and sperm morphology of infertile men, especially those with idiopathic asthenoteratospermia.
  • CoQ10: Daily CoQ10 supplementation improves sperm concentration, sperm motility, seminal fluid CoQ10, and total antioxidant capacity, allowing for reduced oxidative stress on the sperm as well as reduced sperm DNA damage.
  • Vitamin D: Daily vitamin D supplementation in conjunction with calcium supplementation has been shown to have potential positive impacts on live birth rate and serum inhibin B levels in oligozoospermic and vitamin D-deficient males. Additionally, low serum inhibin B is correlated with low sperm count, revealing that vitamin D is a key factor in spermatogenesis.



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