What to Eat When You Want to Get Pregnant Author Q&A

Thanks for sending in your questions about Dr. Nicole Avena’s new book, What to Eat When You Want to Get Pregnant.

Q&A with Dr. Nicole Avena

Making a healthy baby begins with healthy ingredients. In Dr. Nicole Avena’s new book, she uses new revolutionary research on how nutrition impacts the ability to conceive and offers a four-week plan to get readers on the path to parenthood.

Does your book cover essential vitamins to take (besides a prenatal).

The book covers all of the major vitamins necessary for women and men before and during pregnancy. Prenatal specific vitamins like folate are discussed, but the book also covers many vitamins that are important for the health of all people.

Does this book also apply to women who have PCOS, who aren’t overweight?

This book discusses PCOS in general and the effects that it may have on fertility treatments and successful birth. There is also mention of the relationship between obesity and PCOS.

Does the diet plan put into consideration other factors like diabetes?

The diet plan discusses how certain foods and chemicals (like parabens) can put women at higher risk for developing gestational diabetes. The book also discusses how parental obesity can lead to increased likelihood of offspring being obese and developing diabetes themselves.

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