Should You Freeze Sperm?

Common reasons to freeze sperm

  • Fertility treatments: IUI and IVF are both treatments that can assist women in the TTC phase, but there’s another crucial component that’s needed: sperm! One way the egg can be fertilized during this process is by using previously frozen sperm. Frozen sperm is a great solution when there is concern that sperm count will be low in a fresh sample, as it allows for a back-up option on the day of fertilization. Using a frozen sample also gives some timing flexibility as the sample would have been given in advance of the procedure!
  • Desire to delay conception: Age is a factor that can affect male fertility. When it comes to age and fertility, the pressure is usually placed on the female biological clock, but age plays a role for men, too. Freezing your sperm is an opportunity to delay sperm aging until you’re ready to start trying. In general, it’s also suggested that men with low sperm count should freeze their sperm if they’d like to conceive in the future.
  • Infertility due to illness: Freezing sperm may be an option for men that may become infertile due to various illnesses. Cancer resulting in chemotherapy treatment may cause quality issues in sperm which is why men may consider freezing their sperm before they undergo treatment.
  • Vasectomy: The same can be suggested for men undergoing a vasectomy. Freezing sperm before a vasectomy gives the option to conceive later on.



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