Preparing for IVF: 10 Things I Bought For My Egg Retrieval

Supplements for egg and sperm health

In addition to my daily prenatal, I bought a number of supplements (for me and my husband!) as advised by my doctor.

Feel-good items for all those doctors appointments

If you don’t yet know Wanda (what we affectionately call the ultrasound wand), you will. You will also get to know the nurse coordinator, the front desk team, and your REI. For me, I get super bloated throughout IVF stims and need comfortable clothes with no harsh waistbands.

The right products for IVF shots

IVF shots are no joke. I used to be afraid of shots (ha!) until I realized there’s a way to make them easier. First off, I never do my own shots. My husband is my shot-giver, and he’s gotten really good at becoming my nurse. Second, we make it a ritual. We do the shots at night, after I’ve taken a hot bath and gotten in my jammies. I use an ice pack to numb the area, and it’s over in a cinch! I always have a piece of chocolate as a treat, and we save a good show to watch right after (my son was created from a round where we watched Schitt’s Creek every night).

What I used for post-retrieval recovery

9. Fiber



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