Pregnancy Q&A with Dr. Gleaton

1 min readApr 2, 2021


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By OBGYN Dr. Gleaton

Are mild cramps in early pregnancy “normal?”

Yes up to 60% of women report cramps in early pregnancy.

Best ways to relieve back pain in early pregnancy?

Yoga, stretching, belly band, and Physical therapy are my top recommendations. Tylenol never hurts either!

Is it normal to not go to a doctor until your eighth week check up?

For establishing a new pregnancy, yes 7- 8 weeks is ok. Occasionally, we perform an ultrasound earlier than 7 weeks for high risk conditions such as recurrent miscarriage or prior ectopics.

Can a child grow in the uterus without a myoma wanting to disturb the pregnancy?

Yes, often pregnancies progress without significant issues even in the setting of myomas aka fibroids. It’s important to undergo growth assessments to ensure there is no evidence of growth restriction which is sometimes seen in pregnancies complicated by fibroids.

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