Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

1 min readNov 1, 2021

Whether or not they’re common for you, nosebleeds during pregnancy can be unnerving. Dr. Gleaton is here to break down why this can happen, and when you should actually be concerned.

By OBGYN and fertility expert Dr. Kenosha Gleaton

Epistaxis, AKA a nosebleed, is a common problem seen in around 60 million Americans annually. During pregnancy it can be a little bit unsettling, especially if you’ve never had a nosebleed before. Rest assured the majority of nosebleeds are harmless, so let’s break down why they occur, and how you can try to prevent them from happening.

Why do people get nosebleeds while pregnant?

During pregnancy, the blood volume in your body increases by nearly 50%. This leads to increased pressure in the tiny blood vessels in your nose which can cause them to burst.

When do nosebleeds typically start during pregnancy?

Nosebleeds often start in the first trimester, but can worsen as pregnancy progresses

How common are they?

Around 20% of pregnant women will experience nosebleeds. Although they are quite common, they are rarely serious and typically can be treated at home.

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