Male Fertility and Nutrition Q&A with Dr. Sun

What can men do to help increase their chances of conceiving? Should they be doing anything special to help with fertility?

We say that “sperm is a window into a man’s overall health.” A man’s testicles are a factory where sperm are constantly being made. In order to produce the best product, you need the best ingredients and happy workers. That means that a healthy lifestyle — no smoking, eating a healthy diet, alcohol in moderation, regular aerobic exercise, and good sleep are all beneficial. Additionally, the ingredients in our Prenatal for him have been shown to improve sperm quality in men.

Does being overweight affect male fertility?

Unfortunately, yes it does. Excess weight can affect hormone levels and increase systemic inflammation, oxidative stress, and sperm DNA fragmentation. As with so many things, maintaining a healthy weight is always beneficial.

Should males take prenatal vitamins? If so, when should men start taking prenatals when TTC?

There is a growing body of evidence showing that in addition to a healthy lifestyle, certain vitamins and supplements can help improve sperm number and quality. Since it takes ~74 days to make a new sperm, that’s how long ahead of time a man would want to start to achieve maximum effects.



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