Introducing our New Ovulation Test Strips

1 min readApr 12, 2021


Accurately know when you’re most likely to conceive with our new Ovulation Test Kit, available exclusively at Target!

By Natalist Chief Women’s Health Officer, Halle Tecco, MPH, MBA

Today we are proud to announce that our mom-led and mom-owned business has launched the first and only ovulation test strips available in Target stores nationwide. Ovulation test strips are an easy, affordable way to track ovulation, identify your fertile window, and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Our new at-home Ovulation Test Kit takes out the guesswork so you can get down to business.

More for less

We’ve got you covered. This kit includes everything you need to find your fertile days.

✓ 30 Ovulation test strips
✓ 1 Reusable silicone urine cup
✓ 1 patent-pending cycle tracker

Our clear, jargon-free instructions will walk you through how to use the at-home ovulation test kit. And our one-of-a-kind cycle tracker helps keep your test results organized so you can easily identify when you typically experience your LH surge each cycle and help predict future cycles and fertile windows.

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