Holiday Gift Guide for Expectant Mamas

Natalist Pregnancy Gift Basket

This is my go-to gift for any mama-to-be because I know how much I loved these products when I was pregnant! Pregnancy is a full mind-and-body experience, and our gift set is the perfect bundle (at a great price point, too) to delight and nourish a new mom-to-be. Thoughtfully curated by moms to bring joy and pregnancy-symptom relief, all products in the pregnancy gift basket are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and cruelty free and made in the USA.

The Good Morning Tea

As joyful as pregnancy is, it may come along with not-so-fun side effects like morning sickness and nausea. Help keep nausea at bay with our organic, hand-packed tea blend. A delicately spiced fusion of organic ingredients, including organic, Indian ginger root and organic, Egyptian peppermint, this custom-made herbal tea for pregnancy is designed to support nausea and digestive relief.‡

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