• Heartfelt Beginnings

    Heartfelt Beginnings

    Founder: Amanda Osowski | Chicago-based infertility & postpartum doula | heartfeltbeginnings.com | IG: @heartfeltbeginnings | Facebook: Heartfelt Beginnings

  • Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Health economist, advisor, communicator, and trend weaver. Find me at http://www.healthpopuli.com

  • Krystyna Bloch

    Krystyna Bloch

  • Emily O. Weltman

    Emily O. Weltman

    Emily Weltman, M. Ed., strategy consultant, social entrepreneur + coFLOWco founder is “Leading with Purpose–because the patriarchy isn’t going to fix Itself.”💫

  • Victoria Lauren Pereira

    Victoria Lauren Pereira

  • Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

    Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

    Zeeshan Hoodbhoy: non-practicing medical grad & 2018 residency candidate; music/entertainment entrepreneur; nutritional consultant. http://drzeeshanhoodbhoy.com

  • Leslie Brooks

    Leslie Brooks

    Coach/Behavior Change Specialist. Learn how to be habitually calm with simple solutions you can use today.

  • Romabhuta


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