Five Ways to Overcome Pregnancy Envy

2 min readFeb 21, 2021

Have you struggled getting pregnant, and it seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant while you’re not? Girl, I have been there. Let’s discuss how to deal with all your friends getting pregnant when you’re not.

By Halle Tecco, MBA, MPH

In my friend group, it seemed like we had a wave of weddings followed by a wave of babies. Everyone was sharing the most adorable pregnancy announcements…except me. Months went by, and test after test was negative. Those adorable pregnancy announcements became an annoying reminder of what I wanted so badly, but couldn’t seem to accomplish.

All my friends are pregnant, and I’m feeling left behind.

Is this you? First off, I’m sorry. Your feelings of disappointment or even jealousy are valid. Trying to get pregnant comes so easily for some and is such a nightmare for others. The emotions can be difficult to manage, and the friendships can be hard to navigate during this time. Here are things that got me through this time:

Five things that helped me overcome pregnancy envy:

  1. Find a therapist. Talking it out with a professional saved my life. If you aren’t yet talking to someone, I highly recommend finding a counselor or therapist to help you navigate this time. There are counselors who focus on infertility, and they can help arm you with strategies for managing friendships during this time.
  2. Help your friends help you. You are bound to hear ignorant comments from friends like “just relax and it’ll happen!” along with recommendations for how to get pregnant — as if you haven’t already tried everything. My advice is to tell your friends you are struggling, and let them know your boundaries. How can they best support you during this time? Good friends will understand and want to avoid upsetting you

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