Dr. Sun Answers Your Male Fertility Questions

1 min readFeb 4, 2021

Thanks for sending in your questions! Natalist Medical Advisor Dr. Sun answered all your questions about male fertility. Follow us on Instagram to ask your questions!

By Urologist and Male Fertility Expert Dr. Andrew Sun

Infertility affects about one in eight couples, and male factor infertility is responsible for about 50% of those cases. Although pregnancy itself is of course inextricably linked to a woman’s body, for heterosexual couples it takes two to get there, which means that navigating infertility affects both partners. This month, Dr. Sun answered your questions about male fertility.

What is the leading cause of male infertility?

Most commonly, problems producing healthy sperm start in the testes. Of the many things that can affect the healthy function of the testis, varicoceles (dilated testicular veins) are the leading reversible cause of male infertility.

What is the scoop on male secondary infertility?

Secondary infertility can be an unwelcome surprise for couples and a source of much frustration. Often, something has changed in the man’s life or health which may be impacting sperm quality. The best place to start is with an updated semen analysis.

When should the male first be tested to determine fertility health?

The official definition of infertility is failure to achieve pregnancy after one year. However, in couples where the man has known risk factors, or if the couple has reason to suspect sub-fertility, we usually recommend around six months.

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