Dr. Gleaton Answers All Your Birthing Questions

I’m torn between natural birth and using pain medication. Help!

You are not alone. This is a big decision. A useful strategy when considering the above is to identify your “WHY” and let it guide you. “WHY” do you want natural labor? What deep convictions compel you to seek a natural birth? Does a natural birth align with your birthing goals? If your why is significant, then it will help sustain you during the labor process. Try making a pros/cons list of natural vs medicated birth and see points resonate most with you. And finally, don’t allow fear to sabotage this process. Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made and beautifully-equipped to handle your birth journey. Seek peace and trust the process. So what’s your why?

When should you start preparing for labor? How early?

There’s no set rule for preparing for labor, but I usually recommend that patients have their bags packed by 36 weeks.

How can I best physically prepare to give birth?

I’m glad you asked. Labor holds true to its name — its WORK! Just as you’d never sign up for a marathon and show up ten months later without preparation, the same should go for childbirth.



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